Pan awarded in the National Show Jumping Championship for young horses i Arendal

Christer Hurum and Pan : Cristallo (Cornet Obolensky - Cassini I) - Piloot video
Pan´s second show ever. Only his fourth show jumping class.
The National Champinship for four year old horses.
Pan is by Cristallo (Cornet Obolensky - Cassini I) and Aafke (Piloot)
Ingvild Kristina Rosseland, Christer Hurum and Pan after the National Show Jumping Championship for young horses

Arven fra Aafke

Pan 4 år etter Cristallo (Cornet Obolensky - Cassini I) er Aafkes siste avkom

Patriot 8 år etter Akhan Z er Aafkes første avkom

Pride 6 år etter Cristallo (Cornet Obolensky - Cassini I) er Aafkes datter og tvillingsjel

Pride: Cristallo (Cornet Obolensky - Cassini I) - Piloot

Aake 1993 - 2013, Tusen Millioner Takk


Tabasco and Chilli

We have had some amazing feedback on many of the horses from Stall Rosseland this year. The last couple of years we have had a lot of enquiries from all over the world, from other breeders, or from riders who want to by horses for the sport.
Most of the enquiries has been about our stallion Patriot (Akhan Z - Piloot) or our many foals and young horses by Cristallo (Cornet Obolensky - Cassini I).

However....some feedback is even more inspiring.....

The two first horses produced by Stall Rosseland was the full brothers Tabasco Z and Chilli Z also by the famous stallion Akhan Z, on Ingvilds mothers super thoroughbred mare Butterhill Cumming Lass.

Butterhill Cumming Lass and Chilli Z (only a couple of hours old)

Its always been hard for us to part with the horses we sell. We build a tight bond with them and they become a part of our family. Being the first two horses produced by Stall Rosseland, Chilli and Tabasco still have a special place in our hearts.
Its important for us that they are doing well and that they have a good life with good people around them. As a breeder it can be hard to keep track of the horses, so when we get information about them we value it highly. I'm glad to say that I have contact with both the owners of Chilli and Tabasco, and even the last owner of Tabasco before that. When I talk to them it feels like we still have some contact with the horses themselves. Chilli Z Lives in Verona, Italiy and Tabasco Z lives in California, US.

Martina Casaro and Chilli Z

Chilli is competing up to Grand Prix level with talented advanced rider Martina Casaro and Tabasco is competing with a young up and cumming girl from the US, Sommer Hill. Summer and Tabasco is training with one of my idols George Morris (I'm actually reading his book "Because every round counts" right now). So Im quite proud to say that he loved Tabasco, quote Summer: I did the George Morris clinic on tabasco last weekend and George said this; " The only thing wrong with this horse is what you paid for him. It was too cheap. I don't care if u spent a million, it was not enough. This horse is priceless. That chestnut there is priceless!" (George Morris).
Thank u for breeding my favorite horse in the whole entire universe.

Tabasco Z and Summer Hill

It looks to me like Chilli and Tabasco are doing quite well by themselves, and that they are living the good life. This is the kind of story that really puts a smile to my face.

Tabasco and Chilli juni 1998